Director: Daniel C. Levine

Choreographer: Chip Abbott

Music Supervisor: Bryan Perri

Music Director: Dan Pardo

Costume Designer: Brenda Phelps

Scenic and Lighting Designer: Jack Mehler

Media Designer: Caite Hevner

Sound Designer: John Salutz

Wig Design and Hair Supervision: Liz Printz

What Daniel has done is unique in the true sense of the word. The ACT production will remain unique, but with any luck, there will be other communities and their own unique versions using Dan’s template as the model.
— Stephen Schwartz
Levine’s expert direction stunningly creates storytelling as scenes appear seemingly out of nowhere. He creates the illusion one moment of being in a bustling city, then switches to a quiet moment highlighting one worker’s intimate story. It’s some of the best direction I have seen on a Connecticut stage.
— Connecticut Arts Connection
Levine, imprints this work with a steadfast knowledge, understanding and zest that heightens its hypnotic allure, its movement, its evolution, its rapidly changing emotional palate, its exploding spirit and its restructured curiosity, realism and truthfulness.
— James Ruocco (CT Critics Circle)
The biggest hero is director Daniel C. Levine, who keeps the musical in constant motion, and has added some extremely effective video projections that enrich the show tremendously.
— Talkin’ Broadway
Director Daniel C. Levine’s Working is a snappy example of musical theater that really works.
— New Haven Review
Mr. Levine is to be commended for his efforts to take this musical to another level. The result is a compassionate and moving musical experience.
— The Newtown Bee