Director: Daniel C. Levine

Choreographer: Charlie Sutton

Music Director: Evan Roider

Music Supervisor: Bryan Perri

Scenic and Lighting Designer: Jack Mehler

Costume Designer: Brenda Phelps

Prop Designer: Victoria Meskill

Wig and Hair Designer: Liz Printz

Sound Designer: Stephen Jensen

Directed by ACT’s artistic director Daniel C. Levine, what was old is now new again. With the precision of a plastic surgeon, he transforms a former seven-time Tony Award-winning musical into a stunning more youthful, more Latinx, and more relevant production.
— The Ridgefield Press
ACT’s visionary Artistic Director. Daniel C. Levine, enhances his version with awesome precision, impeccable timing and additional Latin instrumentation, assembling a dazzling, versatile ensemble.
— Susan Granger
What’s especially unique about Levine’s vision is that the actual staging of his Evita is completely different from that of the West End, Broadway and National Tour productions of the same show. Here, there is a unique closeness not found in big, proscenium theater presentations which gives the piece a timely rawness and realness that is often voyeuristic.
— James Ruocco
Directed by ACT’s Artistic Director, Daniel C. Levine, with precise timing and transitions, and a beautifully chosen cast, the show is perfect in so many ways. 
— CT Critics Circle

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