Technical Rider for "Dancin' Broadway"

Any deviations from this rider must be approved




6 Dancers

4 Musicians

3 Singers

1 Company Manager


Act 1: 45 min

Intermission: 15 Minutes

Act 2: 50 Min


  • Stage size minimum:  34′ wide x 24′ deep
  • Wing space: 5 feet per side
  • Floor requirements: Wooden sprung floor with Marley covering. The floor must be a sprung, wooden floor* (Must not be laid directly on concrete* and all seams must be flush.) ARTISTS WILL NOT PERFORM if stage deck is concrete, marble, terrazzo, tile, or any other surface directly in contact with concrete. Presenter must provide approved dance flooring such as those manufactured by Marley, Harlequin, or Rosco.  Sufficient tape for installation and maintenance must be provided. The floor must be thoroughly wet mopped and/or swept at the discretion of the Artist.
  • Stage should be swept clean and cleared of all equipment, sets, debris, etc., prior to ARTIST’S arrival. ARTIST shall have exclusive use of the stage eight (8) hours prior to and up two (2) hours after curtain.
  • Risers for the 3 singers on stage, placed near band
  • Chairs: Three (3) high backless stools for singers to sit on during show
  • Music Stands: Six (6) music stands (3 for singers and 3 for musicians) with appropriate music stand light.
  • Ballet Barres: Two (2) Portable professional ballet barres for warm up.


  • 2 follow spots and general lighting will do. Because there is a video that runs throughout (on stage), front lighting (of actors) does not always work well, because we lose video. Above and side lighting works better.
  • Light op will need to dim 6 dancers (who are ALWAYS present on stage) when video segments play, and then light performers during dance numbers.
  • A “special” should be avail for the 3 singers (who will be positioned close to the band).
  • Both singers and all musicians need adequate lighting on their music stands as well.
  • To be clear, there are 6 dancers (always on stage), 3 singers (always on stage), and 4 musicians (including conductor).


  • A 16-channel sound system with six (6) mixes.
  • 8 monitors on stage and 2 monitors backstage (one on each side of stage). Singers will need monitors to hear band and voice (on-stage monitor)
  • Amplification with sufficient wattage to drive house system speakers (minimum-two) and backstage monitors (minimum-two).
  • When available, paging system to all dressing rooms
  • Headset communication (two-way) to the following positions.
  1. Stage manager (projection)
  2. Lighting console
  3. Sound console 
  • 3 wireless (handheld) mics for singers
  • 1 microphone for the conductor
  • Band will need to be mic’d and band will need a monitor.
  • Presenter will provide an upright bass and bass amp.
  • Video runs throughout the show, and sound operator needs to control volume of video segments. Sound will run through theater’s sound system.
  • Piano.  Tuned on the day of performance before rehearsal.
  • Drum Kit. Specifications will be provided. Drummer brings his own cymbals.


  • We will need a digital projector (which will run video on Q-Lab program from MacBook Pro that artist will supply.
  • An input and large movie screen (or back wall) to project on. If needed, the artists can provide the VGA adaptor. If venue does not own a video projector, one will need to be rented.  Note the bottom of the screen must be high enough that there will not be any shadows cast by the performers on stage.


  • Sound operator. Sound operator will follow script and cue sheet provided by the director.
  • Light operator. Light operator will follow script and cue sheet provided by the director.
  • Two (2) spotlight operators. Spotlight operator will follow script and cue sheet provided by the director.
  • Video technician for set up and duration the show for troubleshooting. Artist’s stage manager will run cues for video projection.
  • One crew member to assist with props and costume management.
  • No student crews.


  • A 6-hour rehearsal is required on the day of the show. This rehearsal will include a sound check, and a cue to cue with sound and lights and video. We will likely run large portions of the show multiple times but this will be a complete run of the show. The light op, spot ops, sound operator, and video operator will need to be available for this rehearsal.


  • 3 large dressing rooms (each able to accommodate 5-6 people)
  • 5 towels in each dressing room
  • Upon arrival: coffee, tea, water and healthy snacks such as trail mix, granola bars, fruit.
  • Dinner (to be served at 5:30 p.m.) A hot meal to include a vegetarian option. Dinner should include salad, main entrée or meat dish, steamed vegetables and cookies. Coffee, tea, cream and sugar, water, and assorted soft drinks.
  • A case of bottled water (individual servings) in the green room.
  • A case of bottled water (individual) split and placed on each side of the stage.
  • One bottle of water placed for each musician on stage.
  • At least one dressing room will be equipped with a steamer, iron and ironing board.
  • Use of on-site laundry facilities.